Eumeles - Media Player & Stereo Amplifier

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Compact, quiet and stylish Media Player & Stereo Amplifier featuring a large 4-line display and the XBMC home entertainment software.

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If you are interested in music only, you will need stereo speakers; perhaps you already have got a pair in your living room. Once both Media Player & Stereo Amplifier are connected to mains power, the speakers are connected to the amplifier's output terminals, and the media player is connected to your local network, and you should be able to stream musical contents from any source.

If you also want to visualise contents such as pictures or films, you need an HT TV with an HDMI input. You connect the media player's HDMI output to the HDMI input on the TV set and you should be able to stream video contents from any source. You will be able to choose whether you want the sound to be output by the stereo speakers or through you TV set. If you use an AV receiver, that's fine, too.

In both cases you will need to configure your sources; they can be in your home or somewhere on the internet. It is recommended to use a network atached storage (NAS) to store all you digital contents on. being a separate unit, you will be able to increase the storage capacity whenever required. Secondly, you can hide the NAS in a cupboard or in the loft.