Eumeles - Media Player & Stereo Amplifier

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Compact, quiet and stylish Media Player featuring a large 4-line display and the XBMC home entertainment software.

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It could be said that this media player is in essence nothing more than a compact HTPC running XBMC, and indeed, it is true. However, there are several aspects that make this media player unique:

  • Unlike the usual scenario where users try to run XBMC on all kinds of hardware, this solution tries to build an XBMC appliance, i.e. it provides optimal hardware for an excellent and fluid XBMC experience. This is accomplished by using compact yet powerful off-the-shelf PC hardware, namely Intel Atom processors combined with NVIDIA's ION graphics engine.
  • By using compact PC hardware, the media player can be compact too, but also stylish. The objective of the mechanical design was to avoid the player looking like a geeky piece of IT equipment. The goal was to provide a stylish piece of technology that can be comfortably left on view in a living room, blending in with modern hi-fi equipment without being unnecessarily large. It is sleek and minimalist in design.
  • This media player has the AC power supply built in. It is viewed as a nuisance to have AC/DC power bricks lying around on the living room floor. They add clutter and deteriorate the visual impression. In addition, cheap external power bricks tend to hum, chirp or buzz. This media player uses a high quality internal AC power adapter.
  • Last, but certainly not least, this media player features a large 4-line Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Such a display has the advantage of large viewing angles and visibility even in bright sunlight. Most importantly, the size of characters is large enough to be read from up to 3m (10 ft) away. What is the point of having a graphical display that requires the user to get up from the sofa and walk to the media player in order to navigate on a small display with the IR remote control? This media player allows you to remain seated and navigate through your media collection from your sofa!