Eumeles - Media Player & Stereo Amplifier

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Compact, quiet, stylish and fully integrated Media Player & Stereo Amplifier featuring a large 4-line display and the XBMC home entertainment software -- comming soon.

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This integrated system combines an audiophile music player and power amplifier all in a single mains-powerered device. It features:

  • a minimalist design with the goal to provide a stylish piece of technology that blends in with modern hi-fi equipment by being as small as it can be,
  • a high quality mains AC power supply built in, avoiding the nuisance of external, low quality power bricks that add clutter and deteriorate the visual impression,
  • a large graphical Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) with the advantage of large viewing angles and visibility even in bright sunlight allowing to display essential information,
  • two audiophile amplifier modules in conjunction with a dedicated high quality power supply unit; the amplifier is only switched on if the media player requires it to be operational,
  • an audiophile Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) with digital volume control, connected to the the power amplifier using a balanced output,
  • all sound processing carried out by embedded audio player controlled by remote application on phone or tablet.