Eumeles - Media Player & Stereo Amplifier

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  2. Player
  3. Amplifier
  4. Integrated
  5. History
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It took more than a year and several stages to get to the current state

  1. Background
  2. Off-the-shelf
  3. HTPC based
  4. Works-like, looks-like

Based on the experience and the issues of the HTPC based system, a new solution is envisioned:

  • AV client with some non-intrusive display that provides a simple UI, so the TV does not have to be on when listening to music:
    • Zotac IONITX-B-E, 1 GB RAM, 2 GB SATA Flash HDD
    • Antec Veris Multimedia Station, IR receiver and remote control
    • 12V 90W PicoPSU-90
    • Simple fixed gain stereo amplifier, because volume and tone control happens in the AV client. Use an off-the-shelf amplifier module and toroidal transformers from ILP
    • AV server using the cheapest ITX motherboard, cheapest case, some RAM, and a reasonable HDD as well as a DTV card for recording TV.

    During the building and installation some lessons were learned:

    • Need a fanless thermal solution: heat pipes
    • iMon Ultrabay is not satisfactory. The LCD is too bright and offers only 2 lines. 4 lines would be better as well as a VFD
    • The media player should be able to switch on/off the amplifier.

    The next implementation is the one described on this web site.