Eumeles - Media Player & Stereo Amplifier

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Compact, quiet and stylish Media Player & Stereo Amplifier featuring a large 4-line display and the XBMC home entertainment software.

  1. Overview
  2. Rationale
  3. Usage

What is it? The Media Player & Stereo Amplifier consists of:

  • A fanless, passively cooled media player featuring a large 4-line display, and built-in mains power supply. It runs the GNU/Linux operating system and the XBMC home entertainment software
  • A Stereo Power Amplifier controlled by the media player, with analogue audio, control and mains power input, and power audio output
  • An IR remote control, connecting and power leads.

What does it do for me? The Media Player & Stereo Amplifier allows:

  • browsing media from up to 3 meters (10 ft) away on its large 4-line display using the IR remote control supplied (TV does not need to be connected or on)
  • playback of hi-fi quality audio through the compact stereo power amplifier (no need for an AV amplifier or the TV set to be on)
  • playback of video and pictures through an HDMI output to any AV receiver or directly to an HD ready TV set.

What does it not do for me? Media Player & Stereo Amplifier system:

  • is not a surround sound system as it focuses on stereo sound only (even though it can output to any AV receiver using HDMI)
  • does not provide storage for digital contents - this is left to more suitable solutions.